YAYA was founded in 1992, getting their inspiration from all of their travels from around the world. The brand offers a mix of authentic items, from both feminine to the more edgy looks. They are a casual wear brand that gives a twist with a feminine feel. They believe they give every woman the foundation for their wardrobes, looking at pieces that they can layer up and mix with other collections.


Kaffe has provided the natural feminine woman with a modern Scandinavian style since 1993. True to the Kaffe philosophy they are loyal to the past and believe in the fitter classic. With 25 years of experience, they continue to create timeless collections with beautiful feminine details. 


Gustav is a Danish-based international fashion brand catering to women who feel at home in the world. Gustav is complex sophisticated fashion, with attention to every detail and a love of design, craftsmanship and fit. Seeking out the uniqueness that results when difference in materials, designs and coolers meet; each style is casual feminine at heart.


Agnes Sunyer’s designs are thought for the woman of the twenty first century: cosmopolitan, urban, chic who loves her profession and craves for a unique design; versatile and atemporal. A woman who wants more and treasures her time. Agnes Sunyer is a brand made by a woman to help others to boost their image. MADE IN BARCELONA.



And Less derives from Scandinavian simplicity, Nordic thought, and not least the tradition of the craft. A balance between traditions and innovations.

Regardless how you decide to combine the styles, you will be on point. Sophisticated femininity? Energetic youthfulness? Sporty elegance? Comfortable confidence? There is no right or wrong in And Less and the styling possibilities are wide and diverse.


“ Cuando estás rodeado de cosas que amas, te sientes en casa,  e influye en tu vida cotidiana”

Nacida en 2001, House Doctor une el diseño escandinavo a un estilo de vida más bohemio.  Esta empresa internacional, con presencia en Europa, Japón y Nueva Zelanda, está presente en Caro y Lina con dos de sus marcas  más representativas:  Meraki y Monograph.

Meraki ofrece una serie de cosméticos para el cuerpo y la casa, realizados con ingredientes cuidadosamente seleccionados, libres de parabenes y colorantes, con perfumes y aceites esenciales 100% orgánicos.

Monograph es la marca del grupo pensada para las emprendedoras más creativas, para lograr un espacio de trabajo cómodo, libre de distracciones, que inspire y motive.  Su oferta de esenciales básicos de papelería, aportan estilo y personalidad a tu lugar de trabajo, ya sea en la oficina o en casa