Details make the outfit

It’s the details that can make or break an outfit. It’s those simple little tweaks and spins that designers play on an item to transform it from the ordinary into the extraordinary.
The way an item can change from one look to another, sleeves can be long, or folded up and tied at the elbow.
That versatility and simple touch of genius is what Caro y Lina stands for. Keeping the monotone easy to pair items, making every wardrobe more relaxed and a positive experience, rather than the stressed one we seem to find ourselves in.
But when people think of easy to pair items and getting rid of bold colours, that’s when they think of boring. And this is where the thought and design comes in.
Caro y Lina prides themselves on finding the curiously different fashion styles, the normal day-to-day items with the spin on them.
Our clothes are the first thing people see and judge us on… so why make it boring?

– Stephanie Turner