How do we understand – if we are in concept store or not? The term “concept store’ is very popular today, but they all are different.

Caro y Lina isn’t just a store, it’s a concept of a certain lifestyle of today’s women. It creates this surreal relaxed vibe thanks to the Scandinavian inspired tones, also the carefully curated and unique selection of products that connect to a wide range of professional everyday women. Often these women evoke a lifestyle that appeals to a specific target audience – they are inspirational, powerful. Each product is handpicked by the owner, Oksana Mccaskie, and are pulled together from different brands and designers; and they usually span from different lines, such as fashion, beauty and homeware. This combination is the perfect mix of essential products that come together in an attractive fashion. The reason why the concept works, is because Oksana  is an professional woman in the business world, and realised what there was lacking for women like her. Being an interior designer and a big lover of fashion, the owner and creator of Caro y Lina had this dream of todays modern woman just like herself. With a concept store, she knew it was all about creating a relaxed and engaging atmosphere that is able to provide the perfect shopping experience. With this in mind, she was looking for brands that all complemented each other and cover the different areas of day to day life, all to make getting ready in the morning so much easier. The “Caro y Lina concept store” is an idea and concept of a woman’s life style in the modern world. Scandinavian style was the closest to Oksana – with its tonal monochromatic palette, sealed within clean lines and silhouettes. These Scandinavian fashion collections in store are accompanied by various interior design collections, Monograph – office essentials and Meraki – organic body products collections – all from Danish House Doctor brand.

Stephanie Turner