The face behind concept

The owner of “Caro y Lina concept store” – Oksana McCaskie, was inspired by her own experiences within the business world, but she was especially inspired by her daughter, Karolina.
Karolina is a young woman who also shared the same struggles that Oksana did, not knowing what to wear when due to there being too many options to choose from, they both ended up with a wardrobe with too many different colours and styles, that they ended up clearing out too often. Don’t we all?
The duo help to portray that no matter what age, business, city… A wardrobe should coordinate and shouldn’t be the cause of stress, but something that makes you happy to open in the morning. Wether you’re in a rush to pick an outfit or have all the time in the world, they wanted to have the best of both worlds, and she realised that you can.
Karolina represents the energy every professional woman, no matter what age, location or job title, has. She shows us just how easy it is.

Stephanie Turner