“I identify myself with the lifestyle of the people of Barcelona”,
Oksana McCaskie

Oksana McCaskie is an international woman in the business world. Born in Lithuania, she has lived in many places, but has now settled in Barcelona with her family. A woman of many talents who has studied interior design and always had an eye for the fashion industry.
She was leading down the interior design path, until she noticed that there was something missing to the fashion industry, so this is where her attention shifted.
What was missing was that fashion is so complex and has so many options and varies to the max. So that’s when Oksana proposed the idea of bringing it back to square one, and starting with the essentials, and then to build on those essentials. She also noticed the stigma that business attire holds, usually being boring and women losing hope and interest In it. So she set out in an aim to find comfort whilst still looking professional and presentable, all of this made easy of course.
So that’s what she did and here she has given us Caro y Lina.