Dress down a pattern

A pattern is always a bold look to pull out in the summer, when there is so much colour and pattern in this seasons runway. But it can still be a risky roll of the dice, and maybe some of us would rather feel more relaxed and ready for any event.

In this case our very own Karolina is modelling a hint of a giraffe or leopard print along her pants, but she’s dressed it down at the top of the ensemble; toning it down and tying it together perfectly.
This helps us go from day to night in a click of our fingers, dressing an outfit that is a clear 50/50 state, helps us be event ready at any time for anything.

Of course we can always flip this round with calm trousers and an adventurous top. If you don’t own one of these attention grabbing tops, no worries. The top tip I have always found is that you can dress anything up; A black tank top can be paired with a bold necklace, big earrings and maybe even an adventurous lip colour, there’s always a way around it.

So lets go for patterns.

– Stephanie Turner